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Got Folk?

October 2020

Some lucky listener may win one of these T-Shirts one day!

David Francey

October 2019

Jan joined David on an Innisfree Music Tour in Ireland.

Dave Gunning

At Mariposa Folk Festival 2019

Delivering precious oat cookies to Dave.

Folk and Art Interview

Mariposa Workshop 2018

Left to Right: Carol Rose Goldeneagle


Ellis Paul

Connie Kaldor

Joe Crookston

folk DJ Favourites

Mariposa 2018

Jan interviewed Allison Lupton

Sonny Ochs interviewed Irish Mythen

Jon Farmer interviewed Matthew Byrne

John Wort Hannam

At Home County Music and Arts Festival 2017

Brothers from different mothers?


Will Millar

At True North Gallery 2016

Irish Rover's lead singer showed his art in Waterdown, Ontario. 

Graydon James

Mariposa 2013

When Jan was much younger, he looked just like Graydon James does now!

Ron Nigrini

at Hugh's Room circa 2000

Jan has always used Ron Nigrini's "Trillium" to start every show since 1981.

Richie Havens

Toronto 1987

Press release for Richie's new album "Simple Things."